I am a Social Worker having studied at Curtin University, 2004.
I worked in Child Protection for 17 years as a Caseworker, Team Leader, Cultural Advisor and Manager, both in Western Australia and in Victoria. I also managed a Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Service and an Intensive Family Support Service focusing on child protection and keeping children safe and free from harm, with domestic violence and drug use often seen as major contributing factors.

In my own practice, I am able to focus on 'planning' to assist you with the transition from where you are now, to a place where you would like to be. I provide culturally appropriate service, tailoring sessions to meet individual needs, with a focus on mental health and wellbeing [Depression, Anxiety, Mood Disorders, Drug and Alcohol Addiction, Grief and Loss, Relationship difficulties and Family Violence].

In both my practice and my research my overall aim is the same – to explore ways of creating a more peaceful and equitable existence. This is the focus of my practice and my writings and I look forward to sharing more of these ideas with you all soon.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy having a look around. Lani Lei💙
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