Who needs Supervision? If you are working in the area of 'people helping', regardless of experience, To protect yourself and your client, Supervision is needed. 💙90-minute Ad-hoc Supervision and Consultation around a specific concern. 💙15 or 30-minute Emergency Supervision and Consultation (I will slot you in within 1 working day usually)

  • Category: Business
  • Duration: 00:50 Hours
  • Location:Zoom Link

Price: AU$59.95



All too often we read in the media about tragic cases where a child and or vulnerable adults are let down by ‘the system’. In the investigations and review that follow such tragedy, there is always reference to supervision and the lack of comprehensive supportive supervision.

 Supervision exists for three reasons. These reasons are fundamental to protect clients, to improve the ability of practitioners to provide value to their clients, and to monitor the self-care of the practitioner or Health Care Professional. 

I take supervision very seriously and I provide a tailored service to support your supervision needs. Whether you are an individual who is struggling with your current arrangements for supervision or an organization that wishes to outsource supervision I can provide the service needed. 

I take advantage of modern technology (Zoom, Email, Phone as some clients are working remotely, throughout Australia as well as Internationally ) and face-to-face supervision to achieve our mutual aims for supervision. 

If you are an organization that requires supervision for more than one staff member we will arrange to book supervision for all of your staff on-site or through Zoom. 

I can facilitate 1:1 supervision and also group supervision if required. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.  

Please feel free to contact me for further information. Lani Lei